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How to get active Whatsapp contacts?

Time:2023-10-31 15:48:17  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The first step in whatsapp marketing is to get active whatsapp contacts, because whatsapp is a social chat platform, its marketing is relatively simple, and the fastest way is to send in batches, and the prerequisite for mass sending is to get whatsapp contacts people.

Under normal circumstances, we can only obtain WhatsApp contacts through recommendations from friends, or if you have relevant business cooperation, you can exchange contact information, etc., but this will definitely not meet our needs, because you are trying to attract customers. Yes, there is definitely no fixed customer acquisition model, such as how many orders can be completed every day. We can only actively market and expose our products.

How to get active Whatsapp contacts

Why is it necessary to get active whatsapp contacts?

Because the official control of WhatsApp accounts is relatively strict, if the contacts you have been sending group messages to have not been online for a long time, or have not used WhatsApp since they just registered, then the messages you send in groups will not only have no effect, but also Whatsapp officials will detect that you are doing marketing and judge that you are "harassing" users, then your WhatsApp account will 100% be banned.

How to get active Whatsapp contacts?

Our requirement is to activate WhatsApp contacts in batches, so we definitely need to use third-party WhatsApp marketing tools, such as CrownSoft Whatsapp filters.

CrownSoft WhatsApp filter software, log in to your WhatsApp account by scanning the QR code, and use your WhatsApp permissions to filter whether the target mobile phone number has activated WhatsApp and the account avatar. After filtering, you can export .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

Through the CrownSoft whatsapp filter, you can filter out the whatsapp numbers of active users in the country or region of your choice with one click to do some marketing promotion.


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