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Search for WhatsApp numbers in specific areas

Time:2023-11-04 18:25:32  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp, as one of the world's top streaming social software, the degree of popularity and the regional distribution of users are not normal software, so if such a software if marketing on it, may not be able to generalize the use of the same set of rules.

WhatsApp filter

The most classic or the basis of the possibility of weakness is not the same regional prices and language and so on, these are in fact also very important situation, you send Spanish advertising in Japan basically said that the function is in vain, so that if the business up to the majority of the world's regional coverage, that is, to implement targeted marketing, is the need to divide your user area for different regions of the rulemaking.

In fact, this seems to be no difficulty, but if you look at some carefully, in fact, is very difficult and troublesome, because WhatsApp is not with regional settings, you want to know where the other side of the region can only rely on the ask in order to understand, chat with a real person is a more time-consuming thing, so if there is a way to do directly to give the results of the region can be very simple to solve the problem. The problem is solved.

In fact, now there is really such a solution, is to use third-party assistance software, then some people may have to ask, third-party software is to ask each other where they are? Not Oh, like WhatsApp sieve software, they are the use of reverse thinking, since the user added through the cell phone number do not know where the user, they directly generate a region of the cell phone number to add friends, that most of the users out of the user is only possible to be the local, and then signed language authentication, you can basically stereotypes of the basic location of these people. I think this operation is really quite powerful, can think of is also talent, save time at the same time efficiency is not low.


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