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WhatsApp seekers use sieve numbers!

Time:2023-11-03 18:47:05  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Due to the geographical specificity of WhatsApp, WhatsApp users are spread all over the world, so if we take this thing to do foreign trade-related external publicity measures and communication tools, it is a very innate advantage as well as specificity, so we can take advantage of this advantage to overtake, and will be competitors pressed below.

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Then we actually have to first go to understand the user mode of the software, to understand the user is what audience, as in and others before you should know some basic information, is the most basic. In the market research is also more so, you want to sell out what things, you need to understand which region may need such a product, in order to prevent a surplus of similar products or waste of capital investment.

But such a situation is actually still not good whole, the difficulty is not in the investigation of local preferences and price levels, but in the knowledge of the above situation, stable added to the local population to target marketing. In the previous situation, many people will rent a store in the local or with the local information cooperation business, in order to achieve the continuity of users for publicity, but this does not seem to be a long-term solution, the information flow is too repetitive, but also easy to marketing collision, resulting in the publicity results are not as high as expected.

But now there is a relevant method, the market appeared a lot of information packages, someone to share such resources, can be in the early shortage of funds do not spend the cost of acquiring users for publicity. You can also use some third-party marketing software, such as WhatsApp sifting software like the sifting tool, sifting function is free and can even help you according to the region/area code/segment number for generating the number screening, to help you accurately carry out a certain area of the marketing.

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