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WhatsApp Quick Marketing Tools (2)

Time:2023-11-15 18:40:08  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp, as a necessity software in the foreign trade industry, is defined by all the businessmen as more than just social software, through the internal update of the software and the iteration of the related auxiliary software, this software has also been tapped by more developers to derive ways in which you can find customers. Today we're going to tell you about the marketing features of WhatsApp sifting software.

WhatsApp filter

Since WhatsApp provides for the registration of cell phone numbers, many people have thought of screening users through cell phone numbers, batch statistics of other people's cell phone numbers to add for marketing, but such a method is obviously not suitable for such a point in time now to use, because the efficiency is too low.

WhatsApp screening software uses a new method, eliminating the tedious process of collecting and still retaining the original method of updating, this software currently supports three screening methods: the first is based on the "country code + self-selected digits randomly" to generate numbers for screening, so that you can choose the process of Rough screening of users in a certain region to achieve different marketing strategies. The second way is to use the "country + region" purely self-selected way, compared to the first advantage is that it can help you more detailed screening of users, can be more accurate for regional marketing, but also many people preferred, after all, do not have to check the country code area code. The third is the old-fashioned method of not discarding and iterating as mentioned above, you can choose the manual import method, import users as well as screening whether to register, very convenient.

These three methods are currently the most popular and most recognized method of all marketing software, and after our revamp and trial test, the software related to the user's positive feedback has been rising, it is very suitable for their own use as well as recommended to others.


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