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Telegram filter software to extract related group links

Time:2023-02-06 15:43:28  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Telegram is a software that we often use when doing foreign trade. Of course, it is more used to communicate with Chinese people who are doing foreign trade abroad. If it is to communicate with foreign customers, whatsapp is the most used, after all, in foreign countries The mainstream chat software is whatsapp, just like our domestic mainstream chat software is WeChat.

Telegram marketing is also a marketing channel that many foreign trade companies will open up. After all, everyone knows that the current economic environment is relatively difficult. If you want to quickly gain a foothold in this market, you must quickly Promote your brand and do brand marketing.

telegram filter

In the process of telegram marketing, we often use some auxiliary marketing tools, such as telegram filter software.

As the most commonly used marketing software for foreign trade personnel, the role of telegram filter is still very large, and the function is still relatively strong. It can help us quickly screen whether the mobile phone number of the user in the country you choose has opened a telegram account, and screen out the active ones. Telegram user time point, get the user name of Telegram.

Another point is that you can import telegram group links, and extract the group members inside with one click.

Telegram also has a lot of groups and navigation. We can match keywords to corresponding groups. Basically, there are a lot of people in telegram groups, and large groups have tens of thousands of users. If we search one by one It is too time-consuming, but the telegram filter software can be exported with one click, and the function is still very powerful.

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