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WhatsApp filtering software screens avatars

Time:2023-12-12 19:33:13  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Avatars are always a key element in forming a first impression of you by others on any platform. Even though there may not be a direct interaction with most people, an initial look at your avatar gives people a general idea of your personality, hence the importance of the first impression conveyed by your avatar.

WhatsApp filtering software

For those in foreign trade, the choice of avatar is crucial. If the avatar is the default or something fancy, it may make people think you are unreliable, thus losing orders and credibility. Today we will show you how to study your users by thinking backwards and deduce whether this person is likely to become your customer.

We can illustrate this with an example, for example, if you see someone's avatar is a cute pet, how likely would you think this person has a pet at home? I'm sure the likelihood is much higher than the likelihood of the average person having a pet. This is the way to get information from avatars, and if you are running a pet and its hospital related industry, promotional campaigns for these users will definitely be more effective and the conversion rate will be higher.

Therefore, such a way of thinking is feasible and there is no problem in terms of information security and account security. At present, there are two more feasible ways: the first is to join some group chats and analyze the avatars of group chat members, which is more troublesome but really effective. The second is to use some third-party WhatsApp filtering software, which can generate diversified accounts and retrieve avatar content for categorization, in order to quickly achieve the above mentioned purpose. The current mainstream methods are usually these two and both can be tried.


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