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WhatsApp filtering Software Targeted Marketing

Time:2023-12-22 18:15:11  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is one of the world's largest and ultra-highly utilized instant messenger, currently occupying more than 80% of the global coverage, and is one of the most viscous messaging apps for the user community. The main uses of this software include daily communication within the family, video calls and voice calls, similar to WeChat in China. However, with the development and expansion of the application, WhatsApp has become the main window for many people to communicate with foreign countries, especially in the field of foreign trade.

WhatsApp filtering Software

For foreign trade people, WhatsApp is not only a communication tool, but also a powerful tool for promotion and publicity. If we can really make reasonable use of the huge human traffic and popularity brought by WhatsApp, we can realize double the marketing effect.

In the promotional activities, to find the right account resources is crucial, and this is the use of WhatsApp filtering software is very useful. The main function of the software is to customize the generation of cell phone numbers, and then a key to screen these numbers whether the account has been registered, plus determine whether the account has a personalized signature or avatar, to assist in guessing the age of the user, and support for the screening results will be exported to file format.

Having WhatsApp screening software can significantly reduce the pressure of foreign trade promotion, it saves the time of looking for users, so that users can be more focused on promotional activities, and by screening unused accounts, it can also effectively improve the efficiency of the promotion, so that promoters are more targeted to communicate with potential customers.

Such a tool can not only help you improve your work efficiency, but also more accurately locate the target users, for their own promotional activities to bring better and better marketing results.


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