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WhatsApp Filter Software Boosts Conversions

Time:2024-01-22 20:55:20  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

As we all know, WhatsApp is registered using a cell phone number, so as long as you confirm that the cell phone number has ever logged into a WhatsApp account, you can basically prove that the phone number corresponds to a real WhatsApp user. In the past, many foreign trade practitioners added foreign WhatsApp friends by way of reverse inference in order to publicize their products. However, this approach is not wise because the process is mainly based on luck, which is inefficient and at the same time consumes a lot of human and material resources, and thus is not recommended.


In previous discussions, we have looked at manual generation and automated generation in select areas. Today's topic amounts to taking the next step. The purpose of selectively filtering additions is for better marketing. Therefore, the most important thing is to find more users who actually use WhatsApp in the process of adding friends, rather than blindly adding a large number of accounts that may not respond, thus increasing your workload. In this case, you can consider using WhatsApp sifter software.

WhatsApp Filter Software can not only help you find the real WhatsApp users who are using it among many accounts, but also make secondary screening statistics based on various data such as the person's age, gender, whether they have an avatar and signature, and the language of their signature. This allows you to get more detailed data and increase the conversion rate. Proper use of the software can also bring you a larger source of customers with a lasting nature.

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