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Common WhatsApp Global Customer Screening Software

Time:2024-01-26 21:39:09  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp Global Customer Screening Software is a software to help the relevant staff who use WhatsApp for marketing to screen users quickly, which can improve the speed of marketing as well as the accuracy of marketing for the relevant staff. There are a lot of software in the market for this purpose, today we will show you the most common WhatsApp Global Customer Screening Software in the field of WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp Global Customer Screening Software

This software is WhatsApp Global Customer Screening Software, and it surpasses all other WhatsApp Global Customer Screening Software in terms of variety and accuracy, making it the most popular software in this direction. It's the most widely used software in this direction.

The software has a number of unique features, such as the number generation filter. The screening can be done in many ways, whether you want to import the original purchase, or generated from elsewhere or generate new numbers directly from the software, he can do the screening task.

The software supports quick import in txt file format, perfect for accessing your previous customer list or screening lists on your behalf. If you want to use the software to generate your own number data, you can choose to use the "country code + first few digits of the area code" or "country + city + area code" for convenient random / regular generation.

After generating or importing, you can carry out the screening operation, which can not only screen out whether the account is registered with the software, but also analyse whether the account has an avatar, whether it has a signature, whether the gender is male or female, and other options in the screening results, and directly classify the conditions to bring more detailed feedback on the screening results.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filters (WhatsApp Global Customer Screening Software) allows you to choose multiple ways to generate mobile phone numbers in various regions, judge and analyse WhatsApp account registrations by logging in to verify the account and show you. The software uses CrownSoft's homemade programme to filter the account information more finely, including avatar, gender, signature and signature language, etc. and supports exporting the filtered data to .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

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