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WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance Feature Description

Time:2024-04-29 10:46:27  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In today's digital marketing world, access to information and filtering has become the key to success, for the use of WhatsApp marketing companies or individuals, can quickly and accurately access the information of potential customers, and accordingly develop accurate marketing strategy, can undoubtedly greatly enhance the marketing effect. WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance is a powerful program designed to meet this need.

whatsApp Number Filtering Assistance

The main role of this software is to assist marketers through the cell phone number automated viewing and filtering of user information, it can not only quickly filter out the target users, but also filtered users can be categorized, thus helping marketers more accurately locate potential customers, improve marketing efficiency.

WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance shows great strength in terms of functionality. From the first step of filtering import function, it supports the import of cell phone number function, users only need to include the cell phone number of the TXT file into the software, you can easily realize the automated processing of information.

Secondly, the software has a powerful information acquisition function. It can obtain the user's avatar and recognize the user's age and gender based on the avatar to provide valuable reference information for marketers. When age and gender cannot be recognized, the software will also recognize the type of avatar items to enrich the dimension of user information.

In addition, the software also provides flexible filtering and export functions. Users can filter the information based on various criteria, such as whether they have WhatsApp, avatar, gender, age, language of signature and type of avatar items, to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the filtering results. When exporting, the software also supports exporting the filtering results to a variety of formats, such as txt, vcf and excel, which is convenient for users to carry out subsequent data processing and analysis.

The whole WhatsApp filtering and screening assistance can bring you much more than what I said in the article, if you think those features in the article can help you, or want to know more about this software, welcome to contact us, thank you for reading this article.

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