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WhatsApp Number Filter 2023 - WhatsApp Number Checker

Time:2023-04-04 17:10:52  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The WhatsApp number filter is a marketing tool that we often use when doing WhatsApp marketing. It helps us filter out effective user accounts, making it easier for us to promote and establish contact with users. It is a very useful WhatsApp marketing tool.

WhatsApp marketing tool

How to filter bulk WhatsApp numbers?

You can use a WhatsApp number filter to filter bulk WhatsApp numbers. Here are some possible steps:

Obtain a list of WhatsApp numbers: First, you need to obtain a list of WhatsApp numbers that you want to filter. You can get this list from existing contacts or third-party resources.

Use a WhatsApp number filter: Import the WhatsApp number list into the number filter and set the filter rules. You can choose the appropriate rules based on your target audience and marketing needs.

Start filtering: Run the number filter to filter out valid numbers that meet your requirements. These numbers can be your target customers, and you can use them for marketing promotion.

Crownsoft WhatsApp filters can effectively filter active user WhatsApp accounts and accurately screen the user's last online time. By filtering the avatars, we can determine the user's gender and age, and facilitate us in establishing contact with the customers. It can also determine the specific country where the user is located based on the WhatsApp About content and language.

whatsapp number filter

How do you know if a WhatsApp number is valid?

To know if a WhatsApp number is valid, you can try to send a message to the number. If the message is successfully delivered and the recipient responds, then the number is likely valid. However, if the message is not delivered or the recipient does not respond, the number may be invalid or inactive.

Another way to check is to use a WhatsApp number validator tool that can verify if the number is registered with WhatsApp and active. These tools can also provide additional information such as the last seen status, profile picture, and more.

whatsapp number chacker

How to accurately filter users through WhatsApp number filter

To accurately filter users on WhatsApp, the following methods can be used:

Determine target audience: First, you need to identify who your target audience is. Identifying your target users can help you better understand the numbers you need to filter.

Data cleansing: Clean the number data you already have, removing duplicates, incorrectly formatted, and invalid numbers, among others.

Choose appropriate filtering tools: WhatsApp provides some basic filtering tools, such as filtering by country/region, time, text, and read status. You can use these tools to filter target users according to your needs.

Use third-party tools: If you need more accurate filtering tools, consider using third-party tools such as Crownsoft Whatsapp Filters. Some tools can help you filter users based on additional criteria such as age, gender, and geographic location.

whatsapp filter software

Will screening user LastSeen be blocked?

Crownsoft whatsapp filter software has perfected the anti-blocking program as much as possible, and there is still a certain risk of being detected by the official through screening and filtering, so there is a risk of being blocked. 1. Network environment 2. Number of filters 3. Number of users are all related.


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