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WhatsApp desktop users get chat filtering!

Time:2023-04-08 17:41:29  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp has reportedly rolled out a new update for desktop users to let them know about incoming messages.

Instant messaging applications now offer filters, an option to learn about pending or unread messages. You can also filter messages by contacts and non-contacts.

"Today, the company is rolling out a new chat filter in WhatsApp desktop Beta that allows users to filter their chat history by viewing new messages.

WhatsApp chat filters are already available to business users. Desktop beta versions of all standard accounts are also available in stable form. This feature is also available for Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp filters

'To remove the filter, click the filter button again or click Clear Filter,' said one WhatsApp tracker. If this feature works on WhatsApp, it will reduce the complexity of chatting. A lot of useless information. Possible filters may help you understand unread messages from contacts and non-contacts.

WhatsApp is still updating features within the app to maintain compatibility. With the latest update to the Desktop client update, WhatsApp has noticed that a bug fix update has been rolled out for desktop users, which is intended to address push notifications on the WhatsApp desktop client.

They complained about push notifications when using the stable WhatsApp desktop. The messaging application has been updated to fix this error.


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