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What do you know about WhatsApp filters?

Time:2023-04-08 15:51:27  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When we do WhatsApp marketing, we often use some marketing tools, such as WhatsApp filters. According to WhatsApp's official description, WhatsApp filters refer to adding specific WhatsApp numbers or contact lists to a user's contact list so that the user can quickly and easily communicate with the contact.

From the perspective of foreign trade marketers, WhatsApp filters are a third-party tool developed independently by companies based on market demand for WhatsApp marketing. They can help us quickly obtain active user accounts and judge the user's age and gender based on their profile picture, which is convenient for us to do later marketing promotion.

We use WhatsApp filters mainly to obtain the phone numbers of users in the countries or regions we want to target and to determine whether they have a WhatsApp account. This can help us obtain active users, but WhatsApp filters also have advantages and disadvantages.

whatsapp filters

On the one hand, WhatsApp filters can help sellers quickly obtain user contact information, and we can establish contact with customers and promote our products and brands through WhatsApp filters, whether it is for WhatsApp mass sending or other marketing actions.

On the other hand, WhatsApp filters are developed by third-party companies based on WhatsApp's official API interface, and they are not recommended by WhatsApp as one of its official functions. Therefore, they may have an impact on your WhatsApp account, which may result in your account being blocked.

Therefore, before using WhatsApp filters, we must register multiple accounts and avoid operating everything in one account. This way, if your WhatsApp account is blocked, your previous WhatsApp marketing efforts will not be in vain.

The above content is what Crownsoft has shared about WhatsApp filters. If you want to know more detailed knowledge about WhatsApp filters, please visit Crownsoft.


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