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WhatsApp online filter

Time:2023-04-10 16:30:23  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application used for sending and receiving text messages, voice messages, videos, and images. It is one of the most widely used chat applications by foreign users and has a high usage rate internationally. Most of us who do foreign trade use WhatsApp to establish contact with customers and communicate product needs.

As foreign trade business expands, more and more companies are starting to do marketing promotions on WhatsApp. Based on the uniqueness of WhatsApp, as long as you know the user's phone number, you can determine whether the user has registered for WhatsApp, and then directly establish contact with the user. Since WhatsApp is registered through phone numbers, many foreign traders now choose to use third-party WhatsApp online filters to easily filter out active WhatsApp accounts of users with just one click.

whatsapp online filter

Why do we need to use a third-party WhatsApp online filter?

Because WhatsApp itself does not provide any number screening software, especially when it comes to screening user contact information. This is strictly prohibited by WhatsApp. However, this is the age of technological development, and basically, if you do marketing promotions, there will be many auxiliary marketing tools to help us quickly obtain user data, such as user contact information.

The main function of WhatsApp online filter software is to filter out user contact information and active WhatsApp accounts. This is because we need to do WhatsApp marketing in the later stage, and the most common operation is mass messaging. If the users we mass message are all inactive and do not log in to their WhatsApp accounts for a month, then your behavior may be monitored by WhatsApp, which may result in your WhatsApp account being banned.

In WhatsApp's official view, our WhatsApp marketing is a free advertising activity. However, because we use some WhatsApp automation software to implement marketing operations, it is easy to be flagged by the official platform. This is a violation of WhatsApp's official regulations, so our operations must be cautious.

But it is undeniable that WhatsApp online filters can indeed help us obtain user contact information and are very intelligent. They can judge users' age and gender based on their WhatsApp user profile pictures and develop different marketing strategies for different users.

The above is what Crownsoft has shared about "WhatsApp online filters", which we hope will be helpful to you. If you want to know more detailed knowledge about WhatsApp filters, you can find it all at Crownsoft.


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