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USA whatsapp number filter

Time:2023-04-12 15:50:45  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp marketing is now a mainstream marketing model. Whether it is domestic or foreign, whatsapp marketing is basically used (of course, the domestic foreign trade industry is the main focus). Whatsapp marketing has now become a mainstream marketing platform.

Different countries have different usage rates for whatsapp, and the whatsapp marketing models they do also have some differences. But the same thing is that they all use whatsapp number filter tool, why? The following carownsoft editor mainly takes the United States as an example to analyze in detail for everyone.

whatsapp number filter tool

Reasons why US sellers choose whatsapp number filter:

1. Improve customer service quality

Merchants may wish to filter numbers to ensure their customer service is improved. By allowing only specific numbers to communicate with merchants on WhatsApp, merchants can focus resources and efforts to better handle and respond to customers' needs and provide a better customer service experience.

2. Manage customer flow

Merchants may want to manage customer traffic by filtering WhatsApp numbers so they can better process messages from real customers and reduce spam noise. By filtering numbers, merchants can limit customer information to a specific number range, thereby managing and responding to customer inquiries and service requests more effectively.

3. Reduce whatsapp account ban rate

Merchants may wish to use the whatsapp number filtering tool to filter out those infrequently used accounts, so that when doing whatsapp marketing, they can also reduce the account ban rate and ensure the survival rate of the account. Why do you say that?

Whatsapp marketing is actually a free advertising behavior, which is definitely not supported by whatsapp official, so it will receive some restrictions, which may lead to your account being banned.

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