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Time:2023-04-28 17:04:02  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp filters, I believe I don't need to explain too much about it as most people who work in foreign trade should have used this marketing software. The reason why we use WhatsApp filters is closely related to the characteristics of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a social chat app from abroad, registered via mobile phone numbers. As long as you know the user's phone number, you can search and add them as friends directly. As long as the other party has also opened a WhatsApp account, you can send messages directly without friend verification.

The function of WhatsApp filters is to quickly filter out users' WhatsApp accounts based on the country or region you choose, and the filtered accounts are all active WhatsApp accounts. When we send messages to users, they can see them immediately, and we can also judge users' age and gender based on their WhatsApp avatars.

whatsapp filters

There are many third-party companies that make WhatsApp filter software on the market, and each company has some differences in the price and functions of WhatsApp filters. When choosing WhatsApp filters, we not only need to consider the performance of the software, but also the price.

If you want to buy WhatsApp filters, you can directly contact third-party companies related to WhatsApp filters. Each company has a trial period for WhatsApp filters. You can download their software for free to try it out first, and don't rush to buy it. After all, it is software and you need to choose the right one.

Crownsoft's WhatsApp filter software supports Chinese and English versions. You only need to log in to your WhatsApp account to filter active WhatsApp accounts with one click. If you don't want your WhatsApp account to be blocked due to filtering, you can also choose Crownsoft's other product - WhatsApp cloud filter.

WhatsApp cloud filter can filter WhatsApp accounts directly without a WhatsApp account, which is very convenient. If you need it, you can consult Crownsoft.


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