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WhatsApp User Filter,WhatsApp Number Filter

Time:2023-05-05 16:48:43  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp may be unfamiliar to many of you. It is a social chat application from overseas, similar to WeChat and QQ in China, used for chatting and making friends. However, WhatsApp has a wider user base, with users in many countries and regions worldwide.

WhatsApp marketing is a must-do marketing strategy for us when doing foreign trade business. It mainly utilizes the huge user base and traffic of WhatsApp to attract traffic and promote our products or websites, and enhance our brand exposure.

As we all know, the fundamental reason we choose WhatsApp for marketing is that WhatsApp is registered with mobile phone numbers. As long as we know the user's phone number, we can directly start a conversation with the user without the need for friend verification application, and the message reach rate is as high as 100%.

Therefore, the most critical part of doing WhatsApp marketing is to obtain the user's WhatsApp account or phone number, so that we can carry out marketing and promotion work more effectively.


Now it is the Internet era, and many marketing work can be replaced by software, even WhatsApp is no exception. There are many third-party developed WhatsApp marketing tools, among which the most popular and most seller-friendly one is: WhatsApp Number Filter software.

As the name suggests, the WhatsApp Number Filter software filters out active WhatsApp accounts by selecting the country or region we want to filter, and it can also determine the user's age and gender through the filtered WhatsApp account avatar. It is very suitable for us to do user positioning and market analysis.

The above content is the knowledge about "WhatsApp Number Filter" shared by crownsoft editors. We hope it will be helpful to you. To learn more about WhatsApp Number Filter, stay tuned to crownsoft.


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