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WhatsApp Number Checker, Automatically Verify Number Validity!

Time:2023-05-05 16:59:51  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is a platform for chatting and making friends among foreign users, and also a marketing platform for acquiring foreign customers. Many foreign traders establish contact with customers and promote their products and brands through WhatsApp, in order to drive traffic to their websites.

WhatsApp has a very high usage rate worldwide, with users from over 180 countries or regions using it. This is one of the reasons why we choose it.

When doing WhatsApp marketing, we first need to determine whether the user's WhatsApp account is valid, because our marketing behavior is still a form of advertising and will certainly be subject to some platform restrictions. If we send messages to inactive users every time, it is easy to be detected by the platform, which will affect our account and business development.

whatsap number checker

Therefore, we need a WhatsApp number checker that can check the validity of a user's WhatsApp account.

The WhatsApp number checker can be used to verify whether a given number is a valid WhatsApp number. The following are some methods that can be used:

Using Crownsoft WhatsApp filter software: With this software, you can quickly filter out active WhatsApp users in the country or region you want, determine whether the user's phone number has opened a WhatsApp account, and determine the user's age and gender.

WhatsApp application: In the WhatsApp application, you can enter a number in the contact list to see if the number is a valid WhatsApp number. If the number is associated with a valid WhatsApp number, you can see the WhatsApp profile of that contact.

WhatsApp official checker: The WhatsApp official website provides an online number checker that can check whether a specified number is a valid WhatsApp number.

When doing WhatsApp marketing, we must remember that the users who receive our messages or images are active WhatsApp users, so that our marketing efforts are meaningful.

Well, the above is all the content about "WhatsApp Number Checker" shared by Crownsoft. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more knowledge about WhatsApp number checker, stay tuned to Crownsoft.


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