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WhatsApp Super High-Speed Number Filter 2023 Edition

Time:2023-05-24 17:13:24  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Sellers engaged in foreign trade often complain about not knowing where to find customers. Although WhatsApp has a large user base and traffic, many sellers feel lost after registering an account and don't know what to do next. This is a common challenge faced by many sellers involved in foreign trade marketing. But don't worry, Crownsoft is here to solve this problem for you.

WhatsApp Super High-Speed Number Filter 2023 Edition

The first step in WhatsApp marketing is often associated with mass messaging and friend recommendations. However, it's crucial to understand that if your account is empty, any actions you take would be in vain because you don't have any customers to market to. Therefore, the primary goal is to obtain users' WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp has a unique feature that allows you to determine if a user has activated a WhatsApp account by knowing their phone number. This enables you to directly send messages to their WhatsApp, achieving a 100% reach rate.

So, how can we find users' WhatsApp accounts?

There are many third-party WhatsApp filter software available on the market that can filter out active WhatsApp accounts based on the country or region you choose. It automatically generates phone numbers from that area, facilitating later stages of mass messaging and marketing promotions. However, those who have used WhatsApp filtering know that there are certain requirements and risks associated with filtering, as it can easily lead to account suspension. Furthermore, each phone number can only register one account, but for marketing purposes, it's essential to create an account matrix to obtain customers from various angles.

In such circumstances, Crownsoft presents the WhatsApp Super High-Speed Number Filter 2023 Edition.

With this tool, you can directly filter users' WhatsApp accounts without needing your own WhatsApp account. You can also filter WhatsApp accounts based on WhatsApp channel numbers and hash codes, making the process convenient and efficient.

Crownsoft's WhatsApp Filter software allows you to log in using QR code authentication, utilizing your WhatsApp permissions to filter and verify target phone numbers for active WhatsApp accounts and retrieve their account avatars. After filtering, you can export the results to .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

According to user feedback, Crownsoft's WhatsApp Filter software has been highly beneficial for users engaged in WhatsApp marketing. If you're interested, you can consult Crownsoft to learn more.


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