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WhatsApp Filter: Active Screening of Multinational Numbers for Precise Marketing and Customer Acquisition!

Time:2023-06-09 10:29:17  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is a social messaging application used both domestically and internationally, similar to WeChat in China. It allows users to communicate with each other completely free of charge, requiring only a mobile phone number for registration. Since WhatsApp is linked to phone numbers, you can search for users directly on the platform if you know their phone numbers to determine if they have a WhatsApp account.

For sellers engaging in WhatsApp marketing, extensive preparation is necessary in the initial phase. This includes the need for a substantial number of active WhatsApp accounts to quickly expose your products or website to a larger customer base, which in turn promotes purchase intent.

In the era of the internet and technological advancement, many fundamental marketing tasks can be automated using machines, including the search for active WhatsApp accounts. You can delegate this task to automated tools.

There are various third-party solutions available in the market for filtering WhatsApp numbers, enabling fast screening of thousands of active WhatsApp accounts globally or for specific regions. These WhatsApp filters can gather basic user data based on criteria set by us, such as profile pictures, age, gender, and personalized status, facilitating subsequent user analysis.

whatsapp filters

CrownSoft's WhatsApp Filter allows users to log in to their WhatsApp accounts by scanning QR codes or importing channel accounts or hash accounts in batches for filtering. By utilizing your WhatsApp permissions, you can filter phone numbers registered on WhatsApp and determine gender and age based on WhatsApp avatars. After filtering, you can export the results in .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf file formats.

In summary, the advantages of WhatsApp number filtering can be attributed to the following points:

Precise targeting: With the WhatsApp filter, you can screen numbers that match the characteristics and conditions of your target audience. This ensures that your marketing messages reach potential customers or interested audiences, improving the precision and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Time and resource savings: WhatsApp filter tools help you quickly and automatically filter numbers that meet your requirements, eliminating the tedious process of manual screening. This allows you to save time and human resources, allowing you to focus more on other marketing activities.

Efficient communication channel: WhatsApp, being a popular instant messaging application, provides an efficient communication channel. By filtering relevant numbers and using WhatsApp to interact with your target audience, you can directly and promptly convey your marketing messages, increasing interaction and conversion opportunities with potential customers.

Personalized marketing: WhatsApp number filtering enables personalized marketing based on the characteristics and interests of your target audience. You can tailor your marketing messages to different user groups, providing products or services that meet their needs and interests, thereby enhancing the relevance and appeal of your marketing efforts.

Low-cost advertising format: Compared to traditional advertising channels, using WhatsApp for marketing can be a relatively low-cost advertising format. By filtering numbers that meet specific criteria and sending marketing messages through WhatsApp, you can save on advertising costs while potentially achieving higher returns on investment.

The above content is provided by CrownSoft. We hope you find it useful. For more information on WhatsApp filters, visit CrownSoft.


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