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CooCoo WhatsApp Filter

Time:2023-06-15 16:06:07  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In whatsapp marketing, we often use some third-party marketing tools to help us speed up marketing and acquire intended customer groups. Basically, we do whatsapp marketing mainly through group sending, group marketing and other marketing models, but the marketing premise of this model is that we first need to know the user's whatsapp account number.

coocoo WhatsApp filter

Why do you need to know the user's Whatsapp account?

Whatsapp is registered with a mobile phone number. One mobile phone number is one Whatsapp account. We know the user's Whatsapp account, so we can directly add him as a friend and send messages to the user. The reach rate of the message is as high as 100%.

So when we do whatsapp marketing, we must first know the user's whatsapp account, and it must be an active whatsapp account. After all, what you are doing is marketing in the form of advertising, and it will definitely be monitored by the official. If you blindly send messages to inactive Whatsapp users, it is easy to be marked by the official, which will affect the usage rate of your account.

Basically, to obtain active Whatsapp accounts now, we will choose the coocoo WhatsApp filter, which is a software developed by a third party specifically for obtaining active Whatsapp users, and can obtain active Whatsapp accounts in various countries around the world.

And through the coocoo WhatsApp filter, setting the filtering conditions, you can judge the user's age, gender, and obtain the user's country, which is very convenient and provides a basic backing for our whatsapp marketing.

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