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Whatsapp Contact Filter Software

Time:2023-06-14 11:31:25  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

whatsapp marketing is something we will do in foreign trade marketing, because whatsapp is very popular abroad, many users communicate with friends, colleagues, and strangers through whatsapp, and whatsapp is monthly active The number of users is 2.3 billion+, so many foreign trade merchants will choose to do whatsapp marketing.

Everyone knows that whatsapp is registered through a mobile phone number, and a mobile phone number registers an account. As long as we know the user's mobile phone number, we can directly add him as a friend through whatsapp without the need for friend verification. Up to 100%.

So before we do whatsapp marketing, our primary goal is to get users' active whatsapp accounts. Because the account you just registered is basically blank and has nothing, and you want to use it for marketing, so you must find an active whatsapp account, which can reduce the rate of your account being banned.

Whatsapp Contact Filter Software

How to find an active whatsapp account?

Basically, we will use whatsapp contact filter software, which is a tool for whatsapp marketing independently developed by a third-party company, which can help us obtain active wahtsapp accounts, according to the set conditions, such as avatar, personality Signatures, etc., are also very intelligent in judging the country the user belongs to, judging the age, gender, etc. of the user.

Whatsapp contact filter software is not independently developed by whatsapp official, so it will charge a certain fee, and may cause your whatsapp account to be banned, so when we filter active contacts, we must use the old account to filter, so that It can reduce your chances of being banned.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filter, users can scan the QR code to log in to your WhatsApp account or import channel accounts or hash accounts in batches to filter, use your WhatsApp permissions to filter the target phone numbers registered for WhatsApp, and judge gender and age based on WhatsApp avatars. After filtering, you can export .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

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