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How to filter bulk WhatsApp numbers?

Time:2023-06-21 10:38:29  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When many people do WhatsApp marketing, they will first obtain a WhatsApp account. On the one hand, it is to quickly conduct group marketing and expose their own products or brands; on the other hand, they want to find active WhatsApp accounts and perform number detection. marketing promotion work.

Of course, we need to know that the official WhatsApp does not have these tools. Basically, the tools we use for WhatsApp marketing are all developed by third-party foreign trade companies. The main purpose is to facilitate our WhatsApp marketing.

Many people have this question when doing WhatsApp marketing: How to filter batches of WhatsApp numbers? Let's take a look with the crownsoft editor below!

WhatsApp Number Filter

To filter bulk WhatsApp numbers, you can take the following steps:

Data preparation: Organize the WhatsApp numbers you want to filter into a list or file, making sure each number occupies a single line and removing any extra spaces or special characters.

Import to Screening Tool: Using an appropriate screening tool or software, import your prepared number list. These tools often have batch processing capabilities to process large numbers of numbers at once.

Set filter conditions: According to your needs and goals, set appropriate filter conditions to filter numbers. These conditions may include country codes, specific keywords, number formats, etc. You can select and customize criteria based on the functionality of the filter tool.

Execute filtering: start the filtering tool and execute the filtering operation. The tool will filter the numbers according to the conditions you set and generate a list of numbers that meet the conditions.

Check Results: Check the filtered results list to ensure that the filtering tool correctly identifies and excludes numbers that do not meet the criteria. This helps ensure accurate and reliable filtration.

Export results: Export the filtered results to appropriate formats, such as text files, spreadsheets, etc., as required. This way you can further process or use the filtered number.

Note that filtering bulk WhatsApp numbers requires the use of appropriate tools and software, which are usually provided by third parties.

CrownSoft provides WhatsApp filter software for everyone. Although it does not directly determine whether a batch of WhatsApp numbers are active, we can directly filter out active WhatsApp accounts according to the conditions set by users and generate global numbers.

The above content is what crownsoft Xiaobian shared with you about "How to filter batches of WhatsApp numbers?" I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about WhatsApp Number Filter, you can visit crownsoft.


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