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Why do whatsapp filter operation?

Time:2022-12-02 17:55:49  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

  Whatsapp is very familiar to everyone. It is mainly used to chat with friends, colleagues, and people around you. You can send files, pictures, audio, video, etc., and the usage rate in the world is very high. Up to now, users in more than 100 countries or regions are using WhatsApp, and the number of monthly active users has exceeded 2 billion.

  Many foreign trade marketers like to do marketing and promotion on whatsapp, but in the early stage, we did not have users in our account. In this case, finding whatsapp users is our first choice.

  Under such circumstances, whatsapp filter software came into being, mainly to help us filter active whatsapp accounts as soon as possible. Because whatsapp is registered with a mobile phone number, we filter the whatsapp account, which is equivalent to knowing the other party's mobile phone number, and can directly send a message to him. There is no way for the user to reject the first message of whatsapp.

whatsapp filter

  Specifically, the main purpose of our whatsapp filters operation is to:

  1. High reach rate

  Whether the first message on whatsapp is sent by a friend or a stranger, the other party cannot reject it. The first message can definitely be sent to the other party’s whatsapp account, unless your whatsapp account is banned, otherwise it will definitely be sent In the past, so its reach rate is very high.

  2. Convenient for private sending

  Whatsapp is a mobile phone number registration, we know the other party's mobile phone number, we can directly use the mobile phone number, no need to add friends, send a message to the user with one click, very convenient and fast.

  The above is the content about "whatsapp filtering" summarized by crownsoft for you, I hope you like it. Want to know more about whatsapp marketing in detail, all in crownsoft.


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