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Is whatsapp marketing effective?

Time:2022-12-06 17:48:21  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

  Many people are doing whatsapp marketing. Everyone uses different marketing methods because their customer groups are inconsistent, but most of them are those marketing methods, such as group sending, private messages, groups, etc. The difference is that there may be some details The content is inconsistent, and many people have this question: how effective is whatsapp marketing? Let's discuss with crownsoft!

whatsapp marketing

  We can see how effective whatsapp marketing is from its advantages:

  First, a large user base

  After whatsapp was acquired by facebook in 2014, the number of daily users has grown steadily. Up to now, the number of monthly active users has exceeded 2 billion, and the number of daily messages sent is as high as 60 billion (data source network), users The base is very huge, more than 100 countries around the world are using whatsapp.

  Second, the message receiving mode is more intuitive

  Whatsapp can display the user's final online time. After you send a message, you can clearly know whether the user has read it, whether the message has been sent, and whether the message has reached the other party. It is very intuitive.

  As long as you are doing trade, you will basically do marketing and promotion on Whatsap, so it can be seen that its effect is very good, otherwise it will not attract a large number of sellers to do marketing and promotion on it.

  Third, the reach rate is 100%

  The first message of whatsapp is unavoidable for users, and it is 100% received. Whether you read it or not, the first message sent to you will definitely be sent to your account. According to online statistics, whatsapp The open rate is above 95%, and the transaction rate is basically around 20%, which shows the importance of whatsapp marketing.


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