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Free WhatsApp filter

Time:2023-07-27 15:40:12  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Filter WhatsApp is something we all do when we do WhatsApp marketing. The main reason is that WhatsApp is registered by mobile phone number. As long as we know the user’s mobile phone number, we can directly go to WhatsApp to add them as friends through the mobile phone number, and we can receive information without verification.

However, everyone should pay attention to the way of filtering WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp does not have corresponding functions. We can only realize our WhatsApp filtering needs through some third-party marketing software.

Free WhatsApp filter

Seeing that many friends are searching for "free WhatsApp filter" content on the Internet, everyone should know that since this method is realized through third-party software, it is impossible to say that it is free. After all, third-party software development also requires some costs. We can only say that we are in the process of searching, and try to find some professional and formal third parties.

Another point is that to filter WhatsApp, you must filter active WhatsApp accounts, because we are doing WhatsApp marketing, and all your content is aimed at users. For example, if you send private messages to users about your products or your website, then you must hope that users can reply to you as soon as possible, but if the WhatsApp accounts you send are not logged in for a long time, then your marketing is meaningless.

Originally, our WhatsApp marketing is actually a kind of advertising behavior, which is definitely not officially supported by WhatsApp. After all, it is equivalent to you reposting your website through WhatsApp. In addition, the users you send are not very active users. In the official view of WhatsApp, your behavior is an act of harassing users, so some restrictions may be imposed on your WhatsApp account, which is not conducive to the smooth development of our marketing work.


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