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India Free WhatsApp Number Screening Tool

Time:2023-08-01 18:23:44  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

As we all know, India is the country with the largest base of WhatsApp communication software in the world. Over there, basically everyone has this software in their mobile phones, just like WeChat in China, which has such a high penetration rate. Then, of course, when we do foreign trade promotion, we must start with the customers in those countries that we can contact. Also, consider the products and promotional types that are needed in different countries. Therefore, how to accurately screen users from different countries is very important.

Whatsapp filters

If it is a normal screening, it is nothing more than the traditional search for more famous local people to select users in the comment area below, or directly search the local country for recommendations. But this seems to be very troublesome, it will consume a lot of time and labor costs, and the quality of different people is also different, so it is difficult to play a role in publicity. In fact, some people wrote related scripts and software a long time ago. As long as it is a specified post or a user, the user friends who reply under the post will be added automatically. Although I still think that the person who invented this thing was a genius, but this method is obviously outdated in this era, and the efficiency is too low. Cross-border Wang Marketing Assistant is now observing the market and finds that everyone is using WhatsApp Number Screening Assistant. This software can not only screen local WhatsApp users according to region, but also screen according to various conditions. You can customize the randomly generated numbers to prevent users from being single, and you can also filter people from multiple regions according to different locations to investigate the market, and you can also filter users by importing files. Such a screening method can take into account various aspects. Moreover, the software has a built-in login account test and supports exporting and filtering user lists, which is very user-friendly. Currently the software supports free screening (the free version does not support export), which can help you view user usage in more regions.


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