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What does WhatsApp group member harvesting software do?

Time:2023-08-01 18:20:21  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The group function of WhatsApp is a large part of the resident users in WhatsApp. Users in this place generally have two advantages: one is that most groups have a high density of group members, and one area is in one group chat, so it is convenient for us to promote and publicize in different regions. The other is that the users who use the group have a high user viscosity, and quite a few of them use the group for office work or socializing with friends. So if we want to promote our products to a region, starting from the group is a good breakthrough.

WhatsApp filters

So how about simple group search and collection? When we normally go to WhatsApp to search with keywords, we usually only recommend a few related group chats, but with the WhatsApp group member collection software, we can search for multiple group chats that are highly related to or completely coincident with keywords at one time. Each group chat supports one-click addition and selective addition, which can prevent bumping into groups that are deliberately used for drainage. And this software fully supports exporting the list of group chat members, as long as you join the group, you can view all group members and you can choose to add group members in batches or share them with others. The most important thing is that this software is simple and easy to use, and you can quickly master all the usage after watching the demo video.

Therefore, the WhatsApp group member collection tool is really a very useful and useful WhatsApp auxiliary software. If you are still interested in this software, welcome to CrownSoft Marketing Assistant for more details.


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