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WhatsApp What do you see if a friend is blocked

Time:2023-08-25 17:56:23  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When using WhatsApp on a daily basis, if you notice something unusual with your friend's account, such as not replying to your messages for a long time or any of the following, there is a good chance that they have been blocked.


1. Undelivered messages: If you send a message and don't receive a response, especially if they would normally reply in a timely manner, it's probably because their account is blocked and they can't reply to messages.

2. Unable to view personal information: You can't view their status updates, profile or avatar, which could mean their account is restricted.

3. Online status disappears: Their online status suddenly disappears and no longer shows whether they are online or not, which could be because their account has been blocked.

4. Problems with calls: Difficulties when trying to make voice or video calls, calls that don't connect or fail frequently, may be due to a blocked account with limited call functionality.

5. Contact list changes: You can't find their name in your contact list, probably because their account is blocked and they can't be found in the list

6. Missing updates: They usually share status updates, photos or videos, but suddenly there are no new updates, probably because their account has been banned.

7. Changes in information: Sudden changes in their personal information, status or avatar may be because they are trying to resolve an account issue, or because they have recreated a new account after being banned.

8. Social Media Reactions: Sometimes people may mention on other social media platforms that their WhatsApp account has been blocked or ask for help in resolving the issue.

9. Change of contact details: They have provided you with alternative contact details such as phone numbers or other instant messaging apps, possibly because they are experiencing problems with their WhatsApp account.

If this is happening to their account, there is a high chance that the account has been blocked or there is a problem with it.


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