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Telegram marketing software, preferred telegram filter

Time:2023-01-10 17:09:55  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Telegram may not have been heard of by everyone. This is also a social chat software. It is similar to whatsapp and WeChat. It can send files, videos, audios, etc. The chat records are more encrypted. Up to now, the number of monthly active users of telegram has exceeded reached 600 million.

If you are familiar with the foreign trade industry, you will find that both merchants and marketers will find customers on telegram and do brand exposure.

What makes Telegram special is its focus on privacy, the most popular encrypted chat tool in the world. Compared with other communication tools, Telegram uses different methods to help users keep communication safe. India is Telegram's largest market with more than 20% of its user base. Telegram also has a large number of users in countries with heavy censorship and surveillance, such as Iran, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

telegram filter

Since we want to do telegram marketing, we have to mention the telegram marketing software that is very helpful to us: telegram filter!

No matter what industry you are in, the premise of doing marketing promotion on a new platform must be to know the user's contact information, so as to carry out marketing work, and the function of telegram filtering is to help us quickly obtain the user's telegram account and filter out An active telegram account is convenient for us to do marketing and promotion.

Telegram is similar to whatsapp registration, both are registered by mobile phone number, as long as you know the mobile phone number of the other party, you can directly add it as a friend to send messages to the other party, and you can know whether the other party has checked it.

Through the telegram filtering software, we can quickly obtain the user's mobile phone number, whether you want to do mass marketing or other marketing methods, it is all possible, because you have already mastered the first step.

In the current traffic era, everyone should be aware of how expensive an effective number is, and although the mobile phone numbers we filter out through the telegram filtering software may not all be our customers, it also saves us a lot of cost. We then use some other marketing methods to further screen out the customer groups that belong to us.

Telegram filter software, I recommend you to choose crownsoft, a professional foreign trade software research and development company, its comprehensive filtering software supports screening four mainstream software accounts, you can filter whether a mobile phone number has a WhatsApp account, and determine gender and age through WhatsApp avatars, you can filter Whether the mobile phone number has opened FaceBook, Instagram, Telegram, support importing Telegram group links, filter group members, and filter Telegram active time, obtain Telegram usernames, and export .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files after filtering.


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