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How do foreign traders do Facebook marketing One article to get it all done

Time:2023-09-11 18:28:49  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Among the various means of foreign trade marketing, Facebook is favored by many international trade enterprises for the reason that it is an affordable and rapid information dissemination platform. But do you really understand Facebook marketing? Today, we'll take a closer look at Facebook's marketing strategies.


01 Advantages of the Facebook Platform With 2.963 billion monthly active users as of January 2023, Facebook sits at the top of the list of the most active social media in the world.Facebook reaches 189 countries around the globe, and dominates the social media platform in 127 countries. On average, Facebook users have 130 friends and are part of 80 groups, indicating strong social ties and users are eager to share. This high level of activity means that there are numerous opportunities for advertising display. Foreign trade companies can convert prospects into potential inquiries and customers by adding them as friends and actively interacting with them. At the same time, by carefully designing the company's Facebook page, publicizing the company and its products, and posting valuable content, they can increase the visibility of their products and businesses and attract potential customers to actively inquire.

02 Facebook's marketing model Facebook's marketing strategy is mainly divided into two types, one is paid advertising, which can display advertisements across platforms in various forms such as infomercial images, dynamic ads, video ads and rotating link ads, so that your target customers will have the opportunity to see the content of your advertisements. The other is Facebook's daily marketing strategy, which requires no payment and utilizes your personal account to add friends, publish posts, expand information dissemination, and publicize your brand image so as to obtain inquiries and convert them into customers.

03 Tips for Facebook Marketing ①Creating a corporate homepage When marketing on Facebook, foreign trade enterprises first need to create a corporate homepage on Facebook, and then decorate it carefully to show the company's image and strength, as well as to gain the trust of other users. The Facebook marketing function of Netease TradeManager supports the management of multiple accounts in the same interface without the need for repeated switching, making it easier for international trade practitioners to conduct matrix marketing.

② Post regularly After decorating your business homepage, you can first study the interests and concerns of your target users to find out which types of posts can attract their attention. Then, you need to specify the time and frequency of posting. Regular posting helps to cultivate users' browsing habits and increase stickiness. After determining the posting time and frequency, you can prepare the content in advance, in case of the posting time is temporary, it is recommended to post at least 3 times a week or 1 time a day. Posted content should contain high-definition images and videos, try to keep beautiful, which not only represents the image of the brand, but also more attractive to the user's attention, helping to increase traffic. The content of the post should focus on practicality and be valuable to the audience, especially in the early stage of account operation, a lot of advertising will not only fail to produce marketing effect, but also hinder the growth of the account. The Facebook marketing function of NetEase.com can notify users of messages and comments in a timely manner, ensuring that no business opportunities will be missed.

③Join or create groups Groups are usually places where people interested in a certain field gather, so joining or creating relevant groups can directly reach your target user group. Find groups related to your product by searching for keywords and join them, but make sure that the groups you join are relevant to your target market, otherwise the conversion results may not be good even if you invest a lot of time. Actively participate in group discussions, but avoid posting advertisements as soon as you enter the group, which may be off-putting to group members. It is possible to post content of value to members in the group on a regular basis to gain trust and attention and gradually drive conversions. It is also possible for companies to create their own groups, set good group rules and manage and operate them.


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