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Where WS Lightning Cloud Control can help you with your marketing.

Time:2023-09-19 18:08:46  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Do foreign trade partners should know that we do foreign trade in the process of communication with foreign users will often use an application called "WhatsApp". This software is relatively special, because of the number of users and super-high user stickiness, so some people have thought of directly in the software body to transform to achieve the purpose of marketing in this platform, which also led to the emergence of a lot of the software on the market to increase the expansion of some plug-ins / auxiliary to facilitate the completion of the marketing of the third-party software.

WhatsApp filter

Today, the cross-border king for you to introduce the protagonist is also this kind of software, called lightning WhatsApp cloud control, "although out of this, but never more than this", let's take a look at it. Normal WhatsApp-related marketing software is accompanied by a number of related auxiliary functions, this software is the same, if you summarize it can be divided into: management account function, screening number function, mass message function, data account maintenance/number function and customer service function.

It may sound like a normal WhatsApp marketing software, but it is not. Compared to the original features, the software comes with more detailed and user-friendly features, many of which are uniquely designed based on user feedback, mainly to address what we consider to be difficult pain points in our work.

For example, inside the management account function, normal marketing software can only give you the option to choose to switch freely, essentially for the batch management or lack of some functions. But the account management function of this software not only in the original free switching, but also be able to use the group up and down the line and group management, so that even allows you to easily carry out other operations, to complete a variety of tasks.

For example, when it comes to group messaging, the program has been expanded to support many message formats, and unlike the original group messaging, which was only able to send graphic messages, the program supports sending text links, videos, and files. In addition to this, the program also allows you to adjust the time gap between group messages and set the accounts used for group messages individually.


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