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Whatsapp filter, Reduce labor costs

Time:2023-01-16 18:29:26  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp marketing is believed to be more or less understood by everyone. It is the same as other marketing methods, but the platform is different. Many foreign trade personnel basically find customers on whatsapp, and they will use whatsapp for marketing and promotion, and use some free operation methods to promote their products and brands.

In the entire whatsapp marketing system, whatsapp filter occupies a very large proportion. Why do you say that?

When we first started doing whatsapp marketing, we basically had nothing, no friends, no groups, no customers. In this case, the first thing we need to do is to find out quickly Users, no matter what kind of users they are, must be Guangsanwang at the beginning.

whatsapp filter

In this case, whatsapp filter software comes into play.

The main function of whatsapp filter is to filter out whether the mobile phone number of the user in this country has opened a whatsapp account according to the country you selected. Of course, there are additional filtering conditions, such as filtering out the whatsapp profile picture, filtering out the user's whatsapp account personalized signature, etc. Wait.

At the beginning, we did not accumulate users. In this case, we must cast a wide net. Why did we emphasize whatsapp group sending in the later stage?

Basically, whatsapp filtering is used in conjunction with whatsapp group sending, because after you filter out the numbers, you have already taken the first step forward, and then you must be able to determine which of these users is interested in your product, then this kind of In this case, you can use the whatsapp group sending software.

Use your whatsapp to filter and screen the numbers to send out mass messages, and bring your contact information later. If there are users who are interested, you can directly add your friends to contact you.

One of the biggest benefits of whatsapp filtering is actually that it can reduce our manpower and time costs, allowing us to quickly find the user's contact information, and then carry out marketing promotion.


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