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Free and good WhatsApp number screening software

Time:2023-10-23 18:38:31  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Filtering target customer numbers is an important task, depending on your target customers and the regions involved. Apart from manually filtering numbers, there is a way to select numbers more easily. Today, we present a tool called WhatsApp Number filter Assistant, which is available for free.

WhatsApp filter

The name of this tool already indicates its purpose, it can help you filter WhatsApp numbers. It has the following features:

1. select country and region: you can select a specific country or region as per your need and even select a specific area code for your customer requirements.

2. Generate Random Numbers: If you need more number choices, you can use the tool to generate random WhatsApp numbers with the upper limit of quantity enough to meet most of the requirements.

3. Support Import Number List: If you already have a list of numbers, you can import it into the tool for filtering.

4. Account verification: the tool can help you verify which numbers correspond to users who have actually signed up for a WhatsApp account.

5. user categorization: you can categorize users based on different criteria, such as whether they have an avatar, whether they have a personalized signature, the language they use, and so on.

These features are free and fulfill most needs. If you need more advanced features, please consult our customer service for more information.



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