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whatsapp screen filter

Time:2023-01-30 16:03:15  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In whatsapp marketing, our most commonly used marketing methods are actually group sending, adding groups, private messages, etc. Now with the continuous development of science and technology, our marketing model will be realized with the help of some marketing tools. For example, if we want to send whatsapp groups, we will always use whatsapp filter software to achieve it.

whatsapp screen filter

whatsapp filter mean?

Before understanding this problem, we first need to know why whatsapp filter occurs. Mainly because of the particularity of whatsapp, because whatsapp is registered with a mobile phone number. As long as you know the mobile phone number, you can directly talk to the user. The main reason is that the other party has also opened a whatsapp account, and it is completely free.

WhatsApp filter is mainly to use third-party software to screen out whether the mobile phone numbers of the users in the area you choose have opened whatsapp accounts, so as to prepare for the subsequent whatsapp group sending.

So why do whatsapp group sending?

Whatsapp filter is mainly for group sending services. The number we screened out is just a simple mobile phone number, which does not mean that all users are your intended customers. You must further filter and filter. Another purpose of whatsapp group sending is It can be verified which numbers we screen out are related to our products or industries and which ones are irrelevant.

Whatsapp filter is an auxiliary software that most users will choose when doing whatsapp marketing, but everyone should pay attention, filtering is risky after all, and there is still a certain weight requirement for your own whatsapp account. Do not Use the whatsapp account you just applied for to screen the number, which is easy to be blocked.

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