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How Facebook Automates Number Feeding

Time:2023-12-14 18:48:34  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Recently many people have reflected to us that their Facebook accounts are often blocked, which brings a lot of trouble to their business or work, and these people have wanted to use to indicate that they have not made violations, and there is no official explanation of what causes the blocking. Usually we would respond that it could be a network IP problem or improper operation, but when we looked deeper we realized that many of them were newly registered accounts that had been blocked in the course of normal use. After our own testing and checking the official update announcement, we realized that this was related to their latest update on bot detection, and after our reverse research, we learned that the only way to avoid this is to "raise" the account, i.e., "raise your number! ".

Facebook Marketing Assistant

So, what is "raising"? In order to solve the previously existing bulk registration bugs and cell phone number detection registration and other abuses, Facebook launched a robot detection system, which is constantly updated and iterative, successfully preventing the creation of a large number of new accounts and the promotion of marketing accounts. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to "cultivate" the account, through the sensitive period of robot detection, it will not be easy to trigger the subsequent blocking mechanism. So, how should we "raise"?

"It's actually very simple, we just need to use the account normally, we can do artificial operation to raise the number, such as likes, concerns, posting and using the chat function, etc. These steps are basically even completed the account "raising". However, when it comes to a large number of accounts, manual operation becomes tedious. Therefore, we need to automate the account "development", there are many related software available on the market, such as the classic Facebook marketing assistant, it can do account development and other content maintenance, such as the above mentioned likes, followers, posting, chatting with each other, as well as other automatic comments, Auto-marketing and everything else, it's still very versatile!


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