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Why do whatsapp marketing?

Time:2022-11-28 16:38:58  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In the past, our commonly used marketing methods were SMS marketing, email marketing, and sending mass emails to your friends and strangers in order to obtain interested customers. The emergence of whatsapp has injected fresh "blood" into the market.

If you are engaged in the foreign trade industry, then whatsapp marketing is a marketing method that you must learn,Next,  CrownSoft the editor summarizes some content about whatsapp marketing for you, hoping to help you.

whatsapp marketing

1. WhatsApp can support multiple formats such as text, link, picture, video, audio, GIF animation, location, contact, file, etc. It is more intuitive to transmit information, and it can also directly chat with one-to-one video and voice; as an IM tool, its The functions are basically complete and ready;

2. Whatsapp allows you to send private messages to strangers. As long as you send a private message, if the receiving end does not delete it, it can be permanently saved in the other party's Whatsapp message, and you can check it at any time;

3. WhatsApp users are highly active, coupled with the privacy of instant messaging tools, the high reach and click rate experience shows that the reach rate of WhatsApp can be almost 100%, while the user viewing rate exceeds 80%;

4. The cost is relatively low, as long as you have the Internet and mobile phone, you can download whatsapp software without paying;

5. The received information will pop up automatically, and the unread information will be placed on the first page of the mailing list, with an obvious unread mark. It can display the time when the other party finally went online; it can know the customer's reading status, whether the email has been sent, whether the message has reached the other party, and whether the other party has read the logo; it is simply built-in tracking, whether the copy is sent successfully, whether the customer has received it, and received Whether to see it later, these statuses can be seen by the sender here.

CrownSoft whatsapp marketing software,Help foreign trade companies quickly acquire intended customers, save time and cost, directly screen active users of whatsapp, filter out "zombie" accounts, and reduce the risk of their own accounts being banned.


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