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Bulk WhatsApp sending software

Time:2023-08-11 15:52:52  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Marketing is very important no matter what industry you are in, and it is directly related to our single transactions. No matter you are doing domestic or foreign business, we can find customers through marketing.

From the experience of cross-border Wang Xiaobian who has been doing foreign trade for so many years, the mainstream foreign marketing platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook are relatively mainstream, and both traffic and users are very large.

In WhatsApp marketing, because it is a social chat application, its marketing model is relatively simple. Basically, it is to acquire users, then send mass messages to promote our products or brands, and then obtain intended user clues, or you can also add Some groups related to the industry, and then do group marketing in the group to acquire customers.

If our product itself has a certain amount of users, then we can use simple marketing models, such as user sharing and recommendation, advertising display, etc. to acquire new customer groups.

Bulk WhatsApp sending software

If our product has just been launched and has not yet accumulated users, then in this case, I believe that batch WhatsApp sending software can help you.

Bulk WhatsApp sending software is actually WhatsApp group sending. By importing active WhatsApp user accounts in batches, editing your own marketing words or contact information, and sending tens of thousands of valid messages in just a few minutes with one click, this is A model for the fastest brand exposure.

Of course, everyone should pay attention to one point. Although WhatsApp itself has group sending operations, it does not have such a large number of WhatsApp group sending operations. Therefore, when we do WhatsApp group sending, we try to have a time interval, which can reduce our WhatsApp. Account ban rate.

CrownSoft WhatsApp group sending software supports the automatic registration of WhatsApp accounts through the api interface of the code receiving platform in the Yeshen simulator, maintains accounts according to a fixed time every day, sends group messages, and performs foolish operations. It is truly unattended and can send 100,000+ messages per day , simple operation and strong stability.


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