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Marketing social tool number screening

Time:2023-08-29 18:19:01  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Some marketing masters always tell me to share with us how they are doing on a certain platform, how many fans and customer groups they have, and how effective they are every month, and how much they can earn every month. Many people have been curious, where do those users and customers come from? Today CrownSoft will take you to see what is going on

Various Account Filter

Normal publicity and customer acquisition are through formal advertisements or local real people to publicize, but in this era, it seems that these methods are not the only ones. I think these talented people have used a lot of tools to achieve such a high number of customers. Today I will take you to decipher what methods and tools they use.

After constant questioning and chatting in my spare time, I finally asked what method tools they were using. It is a marketing tool called "Various Account Filter". I found out in the process of downloading that this is a software that generates phone numbers in batches to screen users of designated communication tools.

After downloading, enter the interface and see the account number screening that says WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. The position in the upper left corner shows how to generate a mobile phone number in a certain country. I generated a mobile phone number of a country in the Indian region according to the prompt, and clicked the WhatsApp account registration screening below. In just a few seconds, the 500 mobile phone numbers I selected have been screened out and which ones have been registered. And in the process, I also saw the above options, whether to filter the avatar, have a signature, and automatically identify the age according to the avatar, I feel very shocked. What is even more shocking is that this list is not only for WhatsApp. Select the location, and you can even let the generated mobile phone number simultaneously screen the registration status of the four softwares WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

At this moment, I seem to understand why those people can have so many fans and customers. It is a perfect route to continuously screen users, sell according to different regions, and conduct mass promotion. The case with the highest conversion rate.

The above is the secret of why others have so much traffic for you. If you are interested in such content, you can follow our website.


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