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How WhatsApp and Standalones Can Help You Go Higher

Time:2023-08-29 18:23:20  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Under the background of similar domestic businesses shifting from public domain traffic to private domain traffic, overseas markets are also experiencing the challenge of rising costs of major traffic channels such as Facebook and Google. It is in this environment that WhatsApp has emerged and has become a private domain traffic platform with great potential.


Correspondingly, more and more merchants have begun to adopt relatively lower-cost traffic acquisition methods, and use this to realize the second-class e-commerce model at a lower cost. Under this trend, WhatsApp has become a platform that has attracted much attention, and its potential is gradually revealed.

In the field of e-commerce, independent stations can use WhatsApp to maintain user recall and repurchase, such as sending product selection and discount information during major promotions to promote user purchase behavior.

The following are the WhatsApp marketing methods that foreign trade independent website sellers can adopt:

WhatsApp and website integration: Integrate WhatsApp chat on the website to become an efficient and convenient way to connect with potential customers. The point of digital marketing is to direct users to a website, prompt them to start a WhatsApp chat, and thus generate potential business opportunities.

WhatsApp group strategy: Using the group function of WhatsApp, you can find similar target audiences, interact with potential customers or customers, and share valuable content to attract users' interest.

WhatsApp automation using API: For large businesses, especially those that need to provide customers with the latest information and regular promotional information, API integration can be used to update information such as product status, shipping status, etc., and also post promotional messages to attract target customers.

WhatsApp broadcast list strategy: With the broadcast list function, you can send messages to multiple contacts (up to 256 people) at the same time, so as to achieve wider information dissemination.

WhatsApp Status Update Strategy: Utilize the WhatsApp status feature to post stories/status updates valid for 24 hours, similar to Instagram, Facebook Stories. Videos, photos, and text with links can be posted in status updates, and status updates can be used to promote products and gain traffic.

So, why should independent website sellers build private domain traffic on WhatsApp?

Many active users: The total number of WhatsApp users has exceeded 2 billion. As the world's largest chat software, it is one of the best platforms for foreign trade independent stations to build private domain traffic.

High customer stickiness: With the restrictions on some platforms and the frequent occurrence of account banning incidents, the risk of relying on platform traffic is increasing. In contrast, building WhatsApp private domain traffic can achieve customer stickiness with low cost and high repurchase rate.

Enhance trust: Providing WhatsApp contact information on an independent website can enhance users' trust in the site, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Improve conversion rate: According to statistics, 40% of consumers reply to the seller's information. After the initial interaction with a potential customer, sending a message can increase conversion rates.

Low cost: WhatsApp is a free chat tool that allows you to send messages without adding friends. This means that when building private domain traffic, the cost is lower, especially for small and medium sellers.

Private domain traffic refers to the traffic that merchants directly reach customers. It is a low-cost and efficient way to obtain traffic. It is built on the traffic pool of individuals or businesses, just like a "sea area", where businesses can drain, convert, repurchase and fission as needed.

Therefore, choosing WhatsApp as the carrier of the cross-border independent station private domain traffic pool has the following advantages:

Huge user base: WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide, making it one of the best carriers for building private domain traffic.

Reachable without adding friends: One of the advantages of WhatsApp is that you can send messages without adding friends, and you can directly contact them just by having their WhatsApp number.

Automatically generate promotional links: WhatsApp provides the function of automatically generating promotional links, which can be shared on other social media to guide potential customers directly into WhatsApp chats.

Through the above methods, merchants can establish a private domain traffic pool to realize the self-circulation and value-added of traffic. The foundation of private domain traffic is to build a direct connection with customers, just like "Sea King" catches and attracts more fish in its own domain.

Through the whole process of WhatsApp's private domain traffic pool construction, merchants can achieve low-cost and high-efficiency marketing from drainage, transformation to fission, and improve sustainable business growth.

Therefore, WhatsApp has become a powerful tool for foreign trade independent website sellers to build a private domain traffic pool, which can realize a more cost-effective cross-border e-commerce marketing strategy. Applicable to products that can be advertised normally, bringing new market opportunities for merchants.

In short, the combination of independent website and WhatsApp private domain traffic can build a stable and low-cost traffic acquisition and operation model, which will bring more opportunities and success for cross-border e-commerce.


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