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Telegram filter to obtain valid numbers in batches

Time:2023-01-12 16:34:59  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

For foreign trade, there are several software that we cannot miss, whatsapp, facebook, telegram, these are the mainstream software abroad, and many users are using them. Today, the crownsoft editor mainly talks to you about telegram filter.

Telegram believes that many people in our country have never heard of it. Indeed, if you are not engaged in foreign trade, I believe that you may not have access to these software in recent years. This is a chat software abroad, although it does not have as many user groups as WhatsApp. , but the number of monthly active users has exceeded 600 million.

The security of telegram is relatively strong, the information is encrypted, and the transmission speed is very fast compared with WeChat and whatsapp. This is also a major advantage. The most important thing is that telegram, like whatsapp, also registers through mobile phone numbers Yes, you can talk to the other party directly if you have a mobile phone number.

telegram filter

Telegram is also a chat software. The marketing model is similar to whatsapp, but compared to whatsapp, telegram has a channel marketing, which is similar to the WeChat official account.

The telegram filter software is believed to be used by 80% of people who are engaged in foreign trade. This is a third-party software that can quickly filter out whether the mobile phone numbers of users in the area you are in or the area you want to filter have opened a telegram account.

How much does a number cost? I believe that everyone should know that after so many years of operation, the cost is very high. This is one of the reasons why foreign trade companies choose telegram filtering. Although it is only a preliminary screening of mobile phone numbers, It is not precisely said that it is the intended user, but it does provide us with a group of users who have opened a telegram account.

The role of telegram filter is to help us quickly filter out the user's telegram account, saving our time and labor costs.

CrownSoft Various Accounts Filters,Support screening telegram accounts, you can filter whether the mobile phone number has opened Telegram, support importing Telegram group links, extract group members, filter Telegram active time, and obtain Telegram usernames.

The above content is the content about telegram filtering shared by crownsoft Xiaobian, I hope you like it. If you want to know more about telegram marketing, you can visit crownsoft.


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