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Time:2023-10-17 18:24:47  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Facebook marketing is currently one of the more special channels in foreign trade marketing, because its marketing method is not only the traditional marketing content, but also mixed with a variety of domestic marketing platform marketing model, simply put, it is more mixed. Simpler methods can be through the simplest group message marketing, balanced methods can be through the cultivation of account weight to keep their own brand in the public eye.


In fact, the above two are tried and tested by the previous marketing approach countless times, although old-fashioned, but it is still better to use a way, if you are to improve the increase in which, in fact, is a better effect, such as the use of automation to carry out these operations, a large number of accounts have been raised to weight account, that is in fact, the effect of the long-lasting.

The most classic automation steps on the market is the use of crownsoft of Facebook marketing assistant, this software can be automated to do a lot of functions, for example, like the above said that group message, this software can do to most people at the same time group message (self-selected users or from a variety of places to grab the user), as well as the use of self-service features to help you send posts on a regular basis, customize the content of the message automatically message, auto like and forward posts, and many other ways to increase your activity.


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