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How to avoid fb personal account advertising restrictions

Time:2023-10-26 18:39:03  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

With the popularity of social media advertising, advertisers have reported that when using their personal Facebook accounts for advertising, they encountered problems of restricted or stolen accounts. In this article, we will reveal the mystery of Facebook personal account security, dig deep into the root cause of the problem, and provide a series of effective prevention methods to help you get rid of advertising restrictions or account theft.


First and foremost, in order to avoid the restriction of advertising or theft of your personal account, we emphasize the necessity of creating an account through official agents and official channels. Creating a personal account on your own can not only strongly avoid potential security risks, but also if the ad account is associated with a violated asset, it may have a collateral impact on the ad account, Business Management Platform (BM), public homepage, and other assets, and may even lead to repeated restrictions or blocking of the ad asset.

Second, choosing to create an account through official channels can effectively reduce the risk of account theft or intrusion. Authentic user identities are the cornerstone of building a social network. Therefore, it is important to comply with Meta's policies, create a personal account that matches your real identity from official channels through the assistance of Meta's official resellers, and fill in your identity information truthfully to improve your account profile.

To enhance the security of your personal account, we recommend that you adopt the following best practices:

- A user can only create or have one personal account through an official agent.

- The name, cell phone number, email address, date of birth, and gender in the personal information must be true and correct.

- Use the usual personal email address provided by the official agent, not the company email address, to pass the system verification.

- Upload a brand new avatar after successfully applying for an account. Do not use an avatar that imitates others or celebrities, and avoid using infringing pictures. After perfecting your personal account information (including avatar and profile), then consider binding other advertising assets.

- Enable double verification to provide additional security for your Facebook account and strengthen the layer of password protection.

- Ensure your content is compliant by avoiding content or posts that violate the Meta Ad Policy and Community Terms.

By carefully checking against the above checklist, you can effectively improve the security and stability of your personal account and ensure that advertisers are able to advertise with greater peace of mind.


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