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Whatsapp Number Screening Software Screening Gender

Time:2023-12-16 18:58:54  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

As we all know, WhatsApp as a foreign trade marketing tool, various kinds of number screening filters related to it come out one after another, each with its own characteristics, but the main purpose of these related number screening filters is to realize more accurate marketing. However, after our market research, we found that most of the precision marketing tools on the market tend to focus on screening numbers based on region, area code and other factors. In such a competitive market, in order to get a share of the same market, we need to be more innovative and bring users convenient and easy-to-use functional strategies.


Today, crownsoft will introduce to you an interesting filtering method that few people may know about - "Gender Filtering". Compared with the regular region or number filtering, gender filtering may seem more rare, and compared with filtering users in a specific region or number, gender filtering may be more effective and efficient to find the target users. In this era of information flooding, the simple filtering by region and number may not be able to meet the demand for a more refined understanding of the user.

For example, taking cosmetics as an example, considering the different purchasing behaviors of men and women, women may be more likely to become potential customers, while men may only have a smaller demand in this regard. The traditional way of generating screening conditions by region or number may appear to be very incompetent in this case, but through the "WhatsApp filtering software" for gender screening, you can directly select the "male and female gender" option, to achieve a more targeted Targeted user screening. This is a much easier and more efficient way of targeting than a region-based strategy.

Real marketing needs to understand the buyer can not just a single aspect, know your enemy to win is the winning formula.


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