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Facebook anti-blocking number raising marketing software

Time:2023-12-21 17:00:15  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In the foreign trade industry or often registered Facebook account people understand that the newly registered WhatsApp account is easy to be blocked, and even in the beginning of the use of the account may be encountered in the blocking prompt, generally speaking, this is not to raise the number caused by the blocking of the number.

Facebook marketing software

In simple terms, this means using the account normally and letting it go through the so-called "newbie period". With the iterative updating of the software, the newbie period and account new detection mechanism has become more and more stringent, may be before the process of manually raising the number of now will be detected as a robot, if you want to properly raise the number is the need to update a more accurate method.

For foreign traders, their work usually requires the use of multiple Facebook accounts, so they need to do more related work, which also includes the problem of raising numbers, so is there a good way to quickly solve this problem? The answer is yes, we can use "Facebook marketing software" such as tools to realize a key to raise the number, this software has a built-in one-click to raise the number of functions, through the normal simulation of real people's mode of operation, skipping the robot detection, to help you in the Facebook home page for refreshing and other operations.

Unlike other number raising software, this kind of software uses anti-detection Facebook homepage auto-browsing, and while it automatically browses pseudo-manuals, it also carries out operations such as liking, commenting and retweeting, effectively preventing the process of automated number raising from being detected. In addition, the software also provides options to regulate the frequency of likes and the content of replies in order to avoid continuous likes and replies from being detected, realizing true anti-detection automated number raising.

By using such Facebook marketing software, foreign traders can protect and manage multiple accounts more effectively, improve account availability and stability, and ensure normal operation and promotional activities on Facebook.


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