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Content Publishing Skills for Facebook Marketing

Time:2023-02-22 17:19:31  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Now more and more foreign trade sellers will choose to do marketing and promotion on the facebook platform, because facebook is the world's largest social media platform, which gathers users from all over the world, with more than 1 billion daily activities every day.

If we can open the Facebook platform, we can see that we can often see some advertising posts or videos or live broadcasts. No matter what the platform is, the content is the main thing in the end, because only the content can attract users. your platform. But the Facebook platform may update tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of content every minute. How can we ensure that the content we publish is seen by users? Let's follow the crownsoft editor to learn about it!

facebook marketing

To do facebook marketing, we need to know publishing skills:

1. The picture should be exquisite and attractive enough

When many tourists browse Facebook, they like to look at some beautiful pictures. Now picture marketing is also one of our marketing methods. We can make some beautiful pictures, such as company product pictures or employee photo albums, and pull them into the company Contact with users.

2. With the help of hot topics in the industry

You must have heard of the word topic. It is a bit similar to hot searches on Weibo or current affairs hot spots. We can search for some hot spots in our industry, and use these hot topics to do topic marketing, so that we can push our content with a high probability To the user groups in the same industry.

3. Corporate culture display

Since you are doing facebook marketing, your products, your brand, and your company all need to be known to users. For example, whether your corporate culture meets the expectations of users. This brief introduction can help potential customers understand their cooperation partner. Real-time website promotion chain connection is very necessary.

4. Keep your account active and updated

The facebook platform has a large number of people registering accounts every day, and there are a large number of accounts that publish posts every year, but everyone finds that there is no such thing. The content posted by some accounts will always be recommended by the platform, whether it is exposure, likes or comments. Very high, this type of account actually has a relatively high weight on the platform.

If we want to get this kind of "treatment", the activity of your account and the frequency of your updates are very important.


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