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What are the telegram marketing software?

Time:2023-06-14 11:41:42  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Like whatsapp, telegram is also a foreign chat software. The difference is that telegram is a Russian invention. Compared with whatsapp, it may have more functions, but the user group is not as large as whatsapp. So far, telegram’s The number of monthly active users is over 600 million.

Compared with whatsapp, telegram has stronger encryption, very fast file transfer speed, and relatively complete functions, including translation, channel, group and other functions.

Telegram has so many users, so companies must not be able to miss it, so many businesses have also started to do marketing on telegram. With the continuous development of technology, in fact, many marketing tasks can be quickly realized through software.

There are some third-party companies on the market that have independently developed some telegram marketing software based on users' needs for telegram. Below, the crownsoft editor will talk about it in detail.

telegram marketing software

Today, the editor will mainly explain to you two telegram marketing software commonly used by sellers:

1. Telegram filter

The function of the telegram number screening software is very simple. It is to screen whether the user's mobile phone number has a telegram account, and screen out the active telegram accounts.

Telegram is somewhat similar to whatsapp, they are both registered with a mobile phone number, and users can open a new chat mode directly after knowing the mobile phone number, no need to add, even adding friends does not require user verification.

2. Telegram group extraction

Telegram's marketing methods are mainly concentrated in telegram groups. If you have used telegram, you will know that many businesses use telegram groups for marketing.

Through the telegram group, you can extract the group link with one click, and extract the group members inside.

The above two softwares are commonly used by sellers to find customers. I hope they will be helpful to you. Want to know more about telegram marketing software, all in crownsoft.


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