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Facebook ad account blocked again Anti-Blocking Tips

Time:2023-08-24 17:56:14  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Globally, Facebook's advertising platform offers unlimited promotional opportunities for businesses. However, novice sellers often face a troublesome problem when using this platform: blocked ad accounts. This not only interrupts ad placement, but can also lead to the freezing of ad funds. In this article, we'll delve into ways to avoid Facebook ad account blocking and provide a series of practical suggestions for businesses.

There are several reasons why ad accounts get blocked:


Violation of advertising policies: every platform has its own advertising rules, and Facebook is no exception. When placing ads, sellers must ensure that the content of the ads is in line with the community rules, and avoid including offending content, such as bloody and violent images, so that the ads will not pass the audit, and even lead to the account being blocked.

Fraudulent behavior: If the content promised in the advertisement does not match the actual one, such as false sales and false offers, it may lead to the account being blocked.

IP address changes: Frequent changes of IP address, multiple registration and login of the same IP or device may be recognized as abnormal behavior and lead to blocking.

Complaint Reporting: Users can complain about ads, and once an ad is complained about, Facebook will re-examine the ad content. If there are problems with the ads, it may lead to account blocking.

Observation period for new accounts: Newly registered accounts are more strictly monitored during the observation period, and even minor violations may lead to account blocking.

To avoid these issues, there are some precautions sellers can take:

Follow the rules: Know and follow Facebook's advertising policies in detail before placing ads.

Advertise honestly: Ad copy must be consistent with the actual situation and avoid false advertising so as to maintain integrity.

Maintain a stable IP: Frequent change of IP address may be recognized as abnormal behavior, which may lead to account blocking.

Cautious placement: During the observation period of a new account, place advertisements cautiously to gradually build up the account's reputation.

Maintain personal number: If the ad account is tied to a personal number, sellers should ensure that the personal number is truly active and avoid frequent device changes.

Improve the quality of ads: Improving the quality of ads can reduce the complaint rate and thus enhance the user experience.

Maintaining a stable ad account is crucial in a competitive ad market. By following Facebook's advertising policies, advertising honestly, keeping your IP address stable, placing ads carefully, maintaining your personal number, and improving the quality of your ads, you can reduce the risk of your ad account being blocked, ensure that your ads run smoothly, and bring lasting success to your business.


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