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Facebook marketing softwareBased on the number of operational rightsProduct DetailsOnline Consultation

How does Facebook feeder software work

Time:2023-09-01 19:05:35  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

What is the number maintenance? Raise the number is to register over the new account to use for a period of time to prevent the system to detect as a robot or a useless account of a means, generally speaking to raise the number of people are in need of a large number of accounts, such as doing business to promote the use of people. Will use to a large number of accounts. Why do we need to raise the number? Because if the above types of people used to do publicity and promotion or negotiate business purposes, the system will recognize the account as a junk account, destroy the native ecological environment of the account was banned. So people who need a lot of accounts for publicity and other purposes will use this step of raising the number.

Facebook marketing software

Then how to raise the number to raise? Generally speaking, normal operation can already achieve the role of raising the number, for example, is the normal view of other people's posts, replies and likes to share the operation and so on, so that the system has verified that you are a real user.

If it is more advanced is the need to change the avatar signature and post from time to time. This will give your account a boost to be recognized by the system as an active account. If you reply to professional posts and get a lot of likes and positive comments, the weight of your account will increase.

It's not that difficult, but most of the time it's not that difficult if you only have a few accounts to take care of. But if it involves a lot of accounts, it may not be enough manpower, not only a waste of time and energy but also easy to cause each number is just a normal account of the lower level, there is still a risk of being detected and blocked. Currently on the market there is a software to solve this problem, Facebook marketing software, this software can not only do to raise the number of a variety of functions, can be logged on at the same time in the case of multiple accounts automated distributed to improve the weight, and can automatically capture the group chat and the members of the inside in accordance with the exchange of interactions that you set up. It can be said that the marketing needs of the needs of this software can be done, if you have the needs of this area, you can take a look at this software.


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