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Facebook marketing softwareBased on the number of operational rightsProduct DetailsOnline Consultation

How Facebook Automates Number Feeding

Time:2023-10-27 18:35:22  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In recent times, many people come to us and say "their Facebook account is often blocked", and also in the case that they have not done anything, want to ask us what causes such a situation. In fact, such a situation we generally respond to network ip problems or improper operation of the situation, but a large part of these people to ask are related to the new number, in the normal use of the process of the situation was blocked, after our test and check the official update announcement, we found that the robot detection related to the want to not appear such a situation, can only carry out "Raise the number".

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So what is raising numbers? That also has to start from the introduction of Facebook robot detection, some time ago there are a lot of people using bugs and cell phone number detection registered a lot of accounts used to send ads and other content, the official in order to solve this situation, the use of robots to detect the situation to come, but also in the constant update, stifled the creation of such a new number. When you look at it this way, it's actually a crooked hit. And the solution is like what we say "raise the number" can be, as the name suggests raise the number is to raise their own account into a normal account to avoid the robot detection, as long as to avoid that period of time, the back of the marketing in fact is not so easy to seal the number. Then how to raise the number it, in fact, raise the number is very simple, is the normal use of the account can be said above, you can artificially raise the number, such as taking the normal account for the likes of the attention to the posting and chat function, to do so the steps in fact, even if it is completed a large part of the number. But in fact this is a very normal environment, because there are only a few accounts need to raise the number of cases in fact, this is no problem, if the account is a lot of cases, this operation is very troublesome, so we need to automate the account of the raising, so we should how to operate it? In fact, there are many such software on the market, we can use that kind of software to help raise their own number, between the charges and content of many software is different, I'm not going to compare the introduction of this, we have been using cross-border to help content related to crownsoft, the use of Facebook marketing software feel pretty good, you can according to their own needs or ideas You can compare and choose according to your own needs or ideas.

Thank you very much for reading, because of the difference between each software, we recommend is to enter into the relevant group chat to ask, in order to prevent the loss of their own interests. Again, thank you again for reading and good luck with your wishes!



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